Wednesday 13 September 2017




Welcome from the Event Partner ELMO Talent Management Software

Welcome from the Chairperson

Panel: How to build a compelling business case for HR technology investment

Successful HR technology implementation starts with strong senior executive support. Panellists will discuss tips and methods of justifying HR technology investment.

  • Getting senior management on board with the idea of spending money on HR technology
  • Explaining how relevant data will enable senior leaders to make better strategic decisions
  • How to calculate the tangible value of technological investment
  • Presenting a coherent and worthwhile business case to justify investment
  • Convincing senior management of the ROI and benefit of investment in technology

Julie Carroll – Director, Talent, Advisory & Solutions, People & Performance, Deloitte

Darren Fewster – Executive Director, Global Shared Services, Human Resources, Telstra

Laurence Halabut – Chief Human Resources Officer, Toyota Financial Services

Kristin Schneider – People & Culture, Customer and Digital Transformation, AGL Energy

Leigh Yardy – Head of Human Resources, City of Parramatta


Panel: Leading technology projects – building a strategic HR-IT alliance

HR technology requires intense collaboration between HR and IT. In this panel, HR directors will join forces with CTOs to discuss ways that IT and HR can work together to create successful solutions.

  • Collaborative development efforts that blend HR knowledge and IT knowledge
  • Securing IT stakeholder buy-in to ensure effective implementation
  • Working effectively with IT teams who may not understand the needs and nuances of people management
  • Should HR or IT own HR technology roll-out?

David Dunne – Head of People Systems & Operations, Salmat

Bernadette King – Head of People Systems, Woolworths Group

Nicole Mason – HR Project Lead, Blackmores

Bridget Spiteri – HRIS Manager, Caltex Australia

Edwina Trenchard-Smith – Head of Talent, Scentre Group Human Resources

Beau Tydd – General Manager, People & Technology, Queensland Airports Limited

Jade Dellios – Director, HR Technology, PwC


Morning Refreshment Break


Strategic planning success

Implementation excellence starts with insightful strategic planning. An HR technology strategy should take into account short and long term business objectives and also be agile enough to cater to the constant disruption in today’s economy.

  • Building a road map to address future needs and possibilities
  • Delivering on both current and future business needs, particularly when the rate of change regarding future requirements is so fast
  • Mapping-out system requirements, identifying and defining the specifications and communicating the roll out to employees
  • Creating a rolling technology strategy involving regular evaluation processes

Toby Naylor-  Capability & Learning Manager, IAG


Seamlessly integrating legacy systems into a single HR system

Organisations with a lengthy history, or that have used many different systems, often have complex and messy data so this is a challenge during implementation. In this session, the complexities of integrating multiple IT systems into a parent system will be discussed.

  • Overcoming key challenges in integrating complex legacy systems
  • System integration – how to reconcile multiple systems containing partial, mismatching information
  • Integrating legacy systems and selecting a ‘fit for purpose’ solution that can do this
  • Connecting and converging many different systems to work together in synergy


Implementation excellence

The success of an HR technology project hinges on the diligence and effectiveness of its implementation. Hear how they overcame various challenges during their deployment phase.

  • Evaluating and changing business processes to implement new technology
  • Overcoming challenges in pilot testing and complete rollout
  • Surmounting organisational, service delivery and technology constraints to deployment
  • Key lessons learned during the implementation phase


Networking Lunch


Case Study: Driving and leading cultural transformation through communication

One a system has been implemented, the leadership team needs to ensure that it’s being used effectively. Often the most challenging aspect of a technology roll out is the cultural aspect. The most sophisticated system is only as good as the people who are using it.

  • Engaging all employees on the new technology journey – managing diverse expectations, capabilities and needs
  • Overcoming resistance to change and encouraging user adoption
  • How quickly can people really change the way they work?
  • How to get your change management strategy back on track if it runs off-course
  • Ensuring that systems appreciate nuanced interpretation of procedures and work practices

Lisa Broadhead – Head of HR Shared Services, Fuji Xerox


Case Study: Strategic decision-making using big, deep data

Successful companies make intelligent, strategic decisions based on robust HR systems. Panelists will discuss methods, challenges and strategies for capturing relevant, insightful and accurate information to make commercial and operational decisions.

  • How should we ensure that our big data is ‘deep data’?
  • Forecasting, predicting and building strong workforce management models
  • Analysing trends such as turnover by department, month, age and gender using analytics
  • Data metrics – using the technology not to simply store information but to breakdown and improve business practice and procedures
  • What do the demographics really tell us when we don’t have a good handle on individual behaviour?
  • Separating data that doesn’t tell a story, or not the whole story

Vaishali Vijay – Director of Digital Services, Capgemini ANZ


Afternoon Refreshments Break


Panel: Predicting the future: will we still be talking about business disruption in 10 years?

The pace of technological change and its impact on business is accelerating. What technology should we be putting in place today to prepare for tomorrow?

  • How far ahead can we really plan in today’s economy?
  • What are the emerging technologies that will shape tomorrow’s workplaces?
  • The top five disruptive trends in HR technology (and where they might lead us)
  • How will the Internet of Things impact on HR in the future?

Linda Hamill – HR Director, VMWare

Simon Kennedy – Principal, Pacific Products Leader

Sarah Kruger- Managing Director, Accenture

Jason Laufer – Director Talent Solutions & Learning Solutions, LinkedIn Australia & New Zealand

Scott Rigby – Head of Digital Transformation for Enterprise Solutions APAC, Adobe