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9:00 am

Opening remarks from the chairperson

Viisti Dickens

Founder, CQ Connection and Senior Manager, Risk Culture, QBE,

9:10 am

2022 and beyond: Emerging trends in HR technology

Organisations have gone through a massive digital transformation over the past year. As we plan for the next set of workforce challenges, how will technology continue to impact how we manage and support our teams?

  • New and innovative HR technologies to enhance the user experience
  • How can we maintain the human connection in an increasingly digital workplace?
  • How will technology continue to change the employee experience in a hybrid setting?
  • Reskilling and upskilling the workforce to drive continuous transformation
Elise Ward

Chief People Officer, Prospa

9:45 am

PANEL: Creating an inclusive and collaborative hybrid work environment

The accelerated shift to a hybrid work arrangement has had a significant and lasting impact on the employee experience. Many large organisations have announced their permanent shift to hybrid working as their new normal, but are we prepared for what is on the horizon? 

  • Creating a solid policy for a hybrid work setup
  • Tech tips on how to ensure equity between remote and office-based workers
  • Top digital solutions to foster a collaborative environment in a virtual setting
  • Implementing support and recognition initiatives


Ben Thompson

CEO, Employment Hero


Doug Begg

People Partner Director, Google Cloud APAC, Google

Angela Howard

Vice President People & Performance Asia-Pacific, Carnival

Jamie Finnegan

Global Head of Talent, Finder

Pritho Saxena

HR Leader, China and Australia, Amazon

10:30 am
10:50 am

Enhancing and simplifying the recruitment process with technology

Attracting and retaining employees have become a much bigger challenge in the hybrid work environment. How can HR capture opportunities to streamline the recruitment process, avoid unconscious bias, and deliver a positive recruiting experience? 

  • Leveraging technology to innovate and simplify the candidate experience
  • Reducing unconscious bias in the interview process
  • Optimising the hiring process while maintaining the human connection
Millie Scurr

Head of Leadership Talent Acquisition, APAC, LinkedIn

11:20 am
11:25 am

Using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to revolutionise HR

Robotics can alleviate the burden of manual tasks from HR’s shoulders, enabling a greater focus on strategic, people-centric initiatives. While there’s great opportunity to enhance the people function, navigating these changes can be challenging. From recruitment to onboarding to payroll and reporting, learn how organisations have applied robotics to support and enhance HR’s capability.   

  • Determining priorities for task automation that are aligned with business objectives   
  • Overcoming key challenges in robotics implementation  
  • Examples of applying robotics throughout the employee journey  
  • Training HR teams to focus on higher-value services and successfully managing the transition 
  • Analysing how RPA can create an employee-centric workplace   
Seema Barooah

Regional Strategic Workforce Planning Head, Asia and Australia, Allianz

12:40 pm

PANEL: People analytics: Using employee data to draw valuable insights

HR teams are continuously inundated with data, but not everything may be relevant or helpful for the business. What steps can you take to improve your data strategy to drive key decisions? In this session, hear from our diverse panel of experts on how to effectively analyse data to support business priorities.

  • How can HR leaders improve on data analysis and application to support HR strategies?
  • Identifying the needs and opportunities of your business to determine data points
  • Simplifying processes to create meaningful reports
  • Recognising when a consultive approach to data collection is required
  • Determining the ‘best’ and ‘right’ metrics in data capturing


Viisti Dickens

Founder, CQ Connection and Senior Manager, Risk Culture, QBE,


George Bartrum

People Development and Analytics Director, KFC South Pacific

Thanh Nguyen

Workforce Strategy & People Analytics Lead, Telstra

Tina Lundkvist

Head of People Analytics, Fonterra

Suyin Enriquez

VP HR, International - Human Resources, Ceridian

1:30 pm

Improving your remote employee onboarding experience

Building a great remote employee onboarding experience is a top priority for many organisations this year, as it affects every single new hire. This session will provide you with tips and shortcuts that you can use to ensure new hires are engaged, prepared, and productive.

  • How to retain employees and create a great team culture
  • Identifying aspects to enhance or improve virtual onboarding
  • Developing self-service options to provide adaptability and flexibility
  • How to make your onboarding experience stand out
Isa Notermans

Global Head of People & Culture, Linktree

2:15 pm

WORKSHOP: Developing a Hygge approach for HR tech

“Hygge” is a Danish cultural concept to essentially declutter your surroundings to embrace and immerse yourself in your immediate surroundings. With organisations heavily investing in new tools and programs, applying this concept in HR tech can be an effective approach to find tech that is truly fit for purpose; and declutter that which isn’t. In this workshop, Vanessa will help with the “how to” of better understanding your organisation’s ecosystem and needs to ensure more success with HR tech.  

  • Understanding that simpler is not always simpler (a cautionary tale)
  • Reviewing previous actions and outcomes to determine future investment
  • How to apply design thinking
  • Tight tech budgets and the power of conversation and collaboration
Vanessa Blewitt

Learning & Development Manager, UBank

2:50 pm

PANEL: Reinventing HR for a digital landscape

From recruitment to performance management, the employee lifecycle has changed significantly affecting all aspects of HR. These activities have traditionally relied heavily on face-to-face interactions, but what exactly does best practice digital HR look like in a hybrid setting?

  • What technology allows for HR to stay connected and updated on employee productivity?
  • How is the employee experience evolving to meet the changing needs of a hybrid workforce?
  • How to recreate the experience of spontaneous interactions to foster a collaborative, creative, and innovative environment
  • Leveraging technology such as AI and chatbots for the interview process
  • Reskilling and upskilling talent to keep up with digital transformation


Jason Portelli

Partner Director, Breathe Australia


Michael Kim

Head of Human Resources APAC, Spotify

Stig Bell

Director of People & Culture, SBS

Shirvani Mudaly

Chief People Officer, Vend

Vanessa Blewitt

Learning & Development Manager, UBank

3:35 pm
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