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8:50 am
9:00 am

PANEL: Need for speed: driving fast cultural change with HR tech

In the disruption era, business is changing by the minute. CEOs want information quickly and employees demand immediate feedback and an enhanced, customer-centric employee experience. Which new HR tools and platforms will help your team respond and adapt quickly to the changes in the business environment?

  • Simplifying processes to speed up your change journey
  • Real-time workforce analytics to empower your executive team to make quick decisions
  • Improving the mobility of your workforce using HR tech
  • Creating large-scale efficiencies to drive massive transformation
  • Enhancing collaboration between remote workers using HR tech
Raelene Barry

Deputy General Manager – Executive Manager – Human Resources, Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre

Francine Boyes

Global Organisational Development Director, Blackmores

Natalie Britt

Head of People, Broadcast Australia (BAI Communications)

Vernon Griffith

Global Head of HR Service Design & Delivery, QBE Insurance Group Limited

Anish Singh

HR Director, Unilever

10:00 am

Case study: Leveraging technology for an amazing on-boarding experience

How are Australia’s most innovative employers using tech platforms to integrate new employees into their corporate cultures.

  • Creating and implementing an on-boarding strategy that supports your corporate culture
  • Driving on-boarding strategies and programming your HR tech solutions to implement these
  • Where is the wow factor? How to make your on-boarding process remarkable
Alex Diab

Director People & Property, NSW Business Chamber

10:30 am

Principal Partner session: A human’s place in the future of work

If 60% of primary school children will work in jobs which don’t yet exist,  how do we embrace the new skills needed? The changing technology landscape challenges executive leadership teams in their strategic planning and day to day execution. This session will explore the “Future of Work” and what your executive team should be championing to stay ahead of the curve.

  • Building a vision for the future and embracing transformational changes
  • Preparing for the future skills and communications required to thrive in the world of work
  • How AI can be part of the collaboration, as humans make good decisions.
Mike Bollinger

Global VP of Thought Leadership and Advisory Services, Cornerstone

11:00 am
11:30 am

Principal Partner session: Engaging employees by transforming their digital experience

Principal Partner session: Engaging employees by transforming their digital experience 

Employees today expect the same level of functionality from workplace technology as they have in their everyday lives. With everything from professional development to performance management now relying on employee and manager self-service tools, where does this leave HR?

This session will cover:

  • What employees, HR and executives expect technology to deliver
  • How self-service functionality has changed HR service delivery
  • Enhancing the employee experience (EX) with technology
  • How to refine on-demand HR services using personalised “nudges” that benefit both the employee and the organisation
Joel Smith

Head of Sales, ELMO Cloud HR & Payroll

12:00 pm

CASE STUDY: Quest for the source of truth: people analytics uncovered

HR leaders today are drowning in data. The real challenge lies in collecting and analysing the data sets that provide the most relevant and meaningful insights to contribute to executive-level decision making.

  • Choosing the right tools to collect and analyse HR data from a large number of disparate platforms
  • Words or numbers? Qualitative versus quantitative data analysis
  • Developing the infrastructure, capabilities and processes to effectively manage data within HR teams
  • Gleaning powerful insights to support your CEO and executive team
Maria Voukenas

Head, Human Resources, Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute

12:30 pm

HR spotlight: This is the future of HR

Technological advances and demographic shifts are changing the way that people work and HR operates.

  • What will the future workforce look like?
  • How is AI changing the way we work?
  • How HR itself must change
  • Should HR be afraid of technology?
Louise Hope

Director of People and Performance, Australian Film Television and Radio School

2:00 pm

PANEL: Your tech journey: questions to ask before purchasing HR tech

This panel will take you on a journey from identifying your strategic business objectives and goals, choosing the vendor that is right for your organisation and planning your deployment. In a candid discussion, panellists will share their successes and learning experiences in their recent purchase and deployment journeys.

  • Selecting the right technology for your organisation and people
  • Evaluating vendors and selecting the right mix of systems to create an exceptional employee experience
  • Build or buy: should you buy a system off-the-shelf or commission the HRIS of your dreams?
  • Evaluating pricing structures between different systems and approaches
  • The systems won’t talk: which integration challenges should you anticipate?
Stacey Ashley

Managing Director, Ashley Coaching

Joanne McPhee

Group Manager, People Consulting and Projects, The Star Entertainment Group

Susan Pettifer

Director – People, Performance & Technology, City of Sydney

Jayne Sadeghi

Group L&D Manager, Goodman Group

Stephen Troilo

Manager – People & Culture, Northrop Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd

3:00 pm

Principal Partner session: Game changing trends in HCM technology (and how to make them work for your organisation)

Human Capital Management (HCM) has been deeply studied for many decades. However, the past few years have seen rapid technology changes and emergence of new disruptive business models, at rates never seen before. These changes pose important questions for both HR and business leaders as past models/frameworks may no longer be effective in the new world.

In this session, Mike will explore:

  • The key to achieving measurable, outcome-based HCM implementations that directly align to their business performance objectives
  • How AI functions can recognise standard practices for capabilities across industries and business models
  • How new technology can provide HCM methodology-as-a-service
  • How the user experience is being redefined by technology
  • The role of changing organisation design
Mike Ellis

EVP Cloud Solutions APJ, Synchrony Global

3:30 pm
4:00 pm

CASE STUDY: I survived an HR tech rollout – here’s what I learned

HR technology is expensive. But a cleverly managed budget and effective planning will deliver your organisation massive return on investment.

  • Comparing prices and uncovering hidden costs in the tender process
  • Budgeting for your HR tech program from start to finish and avoiding unexpected costs
  • What should you consider when integrating new technology with legacy systems?
  • Driving cultural change: How to communicate effectively and engage the workforce to ensure employee adoption
  • Demonstrating your return on investment to the executive team
Vesna Garnett

People Director, Bupa Australia

4:30 pm

Tech Den Pitch Competition

At the HR Tech Summit, five finalist start-ups will have three minutes to pitch and explain their solutions to a panel of judges and investors.

The winner will receive a $20k marketing campaign in HRD Magazine and HRD Online plus the opportunity to secure funding from one of the investors.

Entry was open to all individuals and new companies in Australia with HR tech solutions less than three years old.

The Tech Den will showcase companies that:

  • Automate processes for HR professionals
  • Improve efficiencies for HR
  • Helps companies to recruit and manage their people

The 5 finalists that will pitch their solutions are:

5:00 pm


Expo passport prize draw: $2,000 Cash voucher giveaway.

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