Using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to revolutionise HR

11:25 am

Robotics can alleviate the burden of manual tasks from HR’s shoulders, enabling a greater focus on strategic, people-centric initiatives. While there’s great opportunity to enhance the people function, navigating these changes can be challenging. From recruitment to onboarding to payroll and reporting, learn how organisations have applied robotics to support and enhance HR’s capability.   

  • Determining priorities for task automation that are aligned with business objectives   
  • Overcoming key challenges in robotics implementation  
  • Examples of applying robotics throughout the employee journey  
  • Training HR teams to focus on higher-value services and successfully managing the transition 
  • Analysing how RPA can create an employee-centric workplace   
  • Seema Barooah

    Regional Strategic Workforce Planning Head, Asia and Australia


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