PANEL: Creating an inclusive and collaborative hybrid work environment

9:45 am

The accelerated shift to a hybrid work arrangement has had a significant and lasting impact on the employee experience. Many large organisations have announced their permanent shift to hybrid working as their new normal, but are we prepared for what is on the horizon? 

  • Creating a solid policy for a hybrid work setup
  • Tech tips on how to ensure equity between remote and office-based workers
  • Top digital solutions to foster a collaborative environment in a virtual setting
  • Implementing support and recognition initiatives
  • Ben Thompson
    Ben Thompson


    Employment Hero

  • Doug Begg
    Doug Begg

    People Partner Director, Google Cloud APAC


  • Angela Howard
    Angela Howard

    Vice President People & Performance Asia-Pacific


  • Jamie Finnegan
    Jamie Finnegan

    Global Head of Talent


  • Pritho Saxena
    Pritho Saxena

    HR Leader, China and Australia


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