PANEL: People analytics: Using employee data to draw valuable insights

12:40 pm

HR teams are continuously inundated with data, but not everything may be relevant or helpful for the business. What steps can you take to improve your data strategy to drive key decisions? In this session, hear from our diverse panel of experts on how to effectively analyse data to support business priorities.

  • How can HR leaders improve on data analysis and application to support HR strategies?
  • Identifying the needs and opportunities of your business to determine data points
  • Simplifying processes to create meaningful reports
  • Recognising when a consultive approach to data collection is required
  • Determining the ‘best’ and ‘right’ metrics in data capturing
  • Viisti Dickens
    Viisti Dickens

    Founder, CQ Connection and Senior Manager, Risk Culture, QBE

  • George Bartrum
    George Bartrum

    People Development and Analytics Director

    KFC South Pacific

  • Thanh Nguyen
    Thanh Nguyen

    Workforce Strategy & People Analytics Lead


  • Tina Lundkvist
    Tina Lundkvist

    Head of People Analytics


  • Suyin Enriquez
    Suyin Enriquez

    VP HR, International - Human Resources


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