PANEL: Reinventing HR for a digital landscape

2:50 pm

From recruitment to performance management, the employee lifecycle has changed significantly affecting all aspects of HR. These activities have traditionally relied heavily on face-to-face interactions, but what exactly does best practice digital HR look like in a hybrid setting?

  • What technology allows for HR to stay connected and updated on employee productivity?
  • How is the employee experience evolving to meet the changing needs of a hybrid workforce?
  • How to recreate the experience of spontaneous interactions to foster a collaborative, creative, and innovative environment
  • Leveraging technology such as AI and chatbots for the interview process
  • Reskilling and upskilling talent to keep up with digital transformation
  • Jason Portelli
    Jason Portelli

    Partner Director

    Breathe Australia

  • Michael Kim
    Michael Kim

    Head of Human Resources APAC


  • Stig Bell
    Stig Bell

    Director of People & Culture


  • Shirvani Mudaly
    Shirvani Mudaly

    Chief People Officer


  • Vanessa Blewitt
    Vanessa Blewitt

    Learning & Development Manager


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