Tech Talk 10: Streamline HR Tech adoption with interactive guidance

Sep 15, 2022

2:00 pm

Now more than ever, HR is expected to play a critical role in reshaping and setting up their organisations for success in the long term. For any organisation to be future-ready, it’s important that employees accept and adapt to technologies effectively. In this session, Sripathi (Sri) will be talking about how HR leaders, practitioners, and technologists can deliver seamless digital experiences to improve employee engagement and productivity in the rapidly evolving workplace and make their workforce future-ready. 

  • How digital transformation has changed the way employees experience their workplace 
  • Why it is important to unify digital experience from onboarding throughout the employee’s journey 
  • What is a Digital Adoption Platform and how it can help enable the above 
  • Sripathi Chakkravarthi

    Regional Director for APAC


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