Tech Talk 13: The Future of Work: how work and life will change in the next decade

3:25 pm

Millions of Aussie workers took part in the great Work from Home (WFH) experiment since the pandemic started, triggering the biggest social shift in the nature of work since World War II. And while we initially saw the home office as temporary, it didn’t take long to realise we were on the cusp of a work revolution and monumental shift to hybrid working. Join Elisha Harrington, Evangelist for the Chief Innovation Office at ServiceNow as she talks on future of work, with three trends driving new ways for Australians to live and work:

  • Adapting to widespread and long-term ‘working-from-anywhere’ (WFA) and ‘working-from-home’ (WFH)
  • Building resilience and trust at a national level through technology and accessibility to information
  • Leveraging technology and tools to create a seamless digital experience at home and at work
  • Elisha Harrington
    Elisha Harrington

    Chief Innovation Office, Evangelist


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