Tech Talk 4: Hire the world with a full stack global employment platform

10:30 am

When building a global remote team or expanding to one country, generating compliant employment contracts can be tricky. Companies must determine what’s legally required in each country, manage global benefits to attract talent, and oversee pay, absence management, expenses, and HR support. What are most companies offering in any market? And how do you manage payroll and salary adjustments across borders while remaining competitive? This session will discuss how technology can:  

  • Simplify global remote team building without setting up subsidiaries – in just a few clicks 
  • Streamlining critical areas like payroll, expense management, and benefits through automation 
  • Use data analysis to empower your business to make informed, strategic decisions with a legally compliant SaaS Employer of Record platform
Globalization Partners
  • Craig Goldblatt
    Craig Goldblatt

    VP Partners & Alliances

    Globalization Partners

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