WORKSHOP: Developing a Hygge approach for HR tech

2:15 pm

“Hygge” is a Danish cultural concept to essentially declutter your surroundings to embrace and immerse yourself in your immediate surroundings. With organisations heavily investing in new tools and programs, applying this concept in HR tech can be an effective approach to find tech that is truly fit for purpose; and declutter that which isn’t. In this workshop, Vanessa will help with the “how to” of better understanding your organisation’s ecosystem and needs to ensure more success with HR tech.  

  • Understanding that simpler is not always simpler (a cautionary tale)
  • Reviewing previous actions and outcomes to determine future investment
  • How to apply design thinking
  • Tight tech budgets and the power of conversation and collaboration
  • Vanessa Blewitt
    Vanessa Blewitt

    Learning & Development Manager


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