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9:10 am

Welcome and opening remarks from the chairperson

Rebecca Fuchs

Director, Tomorrow Is Now & Hugo Alexander Property Group

9:15 am

Tech Talk 1: Winning HR Tech Strategies and Actionable Insights For a New Workplace Era

As organizations rethink the needs of the “new normal” workforce, HR leaders have a unique opportunity to impact business P&L with people-first strategies that foster human connections. In this session, you will learn how a Digital Adoption Platform and a value framework that works for you can link and maintain human connections and improve employee experiences while building a continuous transformation culture.
Raj Sundarason

RVP Digital Transformation, WalkMe

9:40 am

Tech Talk 2: How to leverage HR process automation

HR teams are shifting to a more strategic role rather than transactional to align and support business goals. This can be a challenge with outdated workflows and manual paper processes. In this session, hear how you can automate your paper frustrations to increase operational efficiency. ConnX
Dave Wallensky

Head of Sales and Marketing, ConnX

10:05 am

Tech Talk 3: How to improve your candidate sourcing and screening in a candidate-short market

While Australia and New Zealand have weathered the coronavirus crisis better than other countries, closed borders and strict quarantine measures have caused a talent shortage across the two countries. This tech talk will reveal how your Talent Acquisition team can leverage the power of recruitment technology to unearth hard-to-find candidates for your business effectively. 
Mark McGreal

Senior Account Executive, JobAdder

10:30 am

Tech Talk 4: Hire the world with a full stack global employment platform

When building a global remote team or expanding to one country, generating compliant employment contracts can be tricky. Companies must determine what's legally required in each country, manage global benefits to attract talent, and oversee pay, absence management, expenses, and HR support. What are most companies offering in any market? And how do you manage payroll and salary adjustments across borders while remaining competitive? This session will discuss how technology can:  

  • Simplify global remote team building without setting up subsidiaries – in just a few clicks 
  • Streamlining critical areas like payroll, expense management, and benefits through automation 
  • Use data analysis to empower your business to make informed, strategic decisions with a legally compliant SaaS Employer of Record platform

Globalization Partners
Craig Goldblatt

VP Partners & Alliances, Globalization Partners

10:55 am

Tech Talk 5: How to get your HR team AI-ready

Artificial intelligence (AI) is here to stay, yet many HR professionals are unsure how to prepare their teams for a future that utilises AI to its fullest potential. How can HR leaders take proactive steps now to build an AI-enabled HR team?

  • Gain insights into how AI will impact you, your team, and your HR service delivery
  • Obtain an outline of the new AI-focused skills and roles required by future HR teams
  • Receive tips on creating a business case for future AI investment

Joel Smith

Head of Sales, ELMO Software

11:15 am
11:35 am

Tech Talk 6: Dayforce – Intelligence at work

The world has changed, and it's going to keep changing, with workforce models evolving to respond to new workplace realities. Discover how, with a single Human Capital Management application, you can gain accuracy, agility and visibility across workforce management, time, attendance, and payroll processing. In this session, you'll learn how modern HCM technology is transforming the way people work and see a demonstration of the award-winning Dayforce platform in action. Ceridian
Matthew Kane

Director, Solutions Consulting, Asia Pacific and Japan, Ceridian

12:00 pm

Tech Talk 7: Addressing mental health and wellbeing in your workplace

Mental health and wellbeing continues to be a priority in the workplace today. How can organisations empower and support employees to be their best selves at work, especially during times of uncertainty? In this session, we will explore:

  • Market trends and new research on mental health in the workplace 
  • How to track, assess and understand workplace wellbeing 
  • Leveraging technology to manage mental health initiatives 

Matt Meffan

Commercial Director, Unmind

12:25 pm

Tech Talk 8: A pay revolution: what are the consequences?

While we know pay is an essential part of our employees financial lives and overall wellbeing, what’s not often considered is how the way we pay impacts people. For decades fortnightly and monthly pay have helped drive efficiencies in payroll, but these efficiencies may have come at the cost of employee productivity and wellbeing. In fact, AMP estimates that financial stress costs Australian businesses $31bn a year. It doesn’t have to be like this. New research shows that tech solutions like earned wage access and automated pre-pay savings can significantly reduce financial stress and the associated business costs, while also reducing the load on stretched payroll teams. 
Brad Joffe

General Manager APAC, Earnd

12:45 pm
1:30 pm

Tech Talk 9: 5 Ways to Keep Your Entire Workforce Connected

Working from anywhere is becoming the status quo for many companies and HR leaders are at the forefront of evolving their company’s strategies to focus on their greatest asset - their people - to sustain business growth. Join this Tech Talk session to learn how you can easily implement better ways to: 

  • Connect all employees - remote, frontline or in office - to drive business efficiencies 
  • Make critical business information relevant and accessible to everyone 
  • Enable workers to engage more effectively with other teams 
  • Improve employee onboarding and retention 
  • Strengthen corporate culture through authentic leadership and employee dialogue 

Workplace by Facebook
Ashley Hotta

Large Enterprise Client Partner, ANZ, Workplace from Facebook

1:55 pm

Tech Talk 10: Transforming L&D with a platform that delivers Data Driven, Mobile-First, AI enabled & Personalised Learning.

It has been a turbulent time. The unprecedented impact of COVID- 19 across industries has forced business leaders to navigate uncharted waters, emphasising the importance of identifying the key skills imperative for success, addressing managers’ mindsets around owning talent, and synergising skills-based talent practices that drive agility.  
In lieu of most repetitive and routine tasks likely to be automated, work is being redefined. As job roles are being deconstructed, redesigned and retooled, organisations need to help their human talent to leverage machine capabilities. The Future of Work is an outcome of these severe and unprecedented changes that are impacting ‘Work’, ‘Workforce’ and ‘Workplace’ and presents an enormous opportunity for the HR and learning community. 

Please join this showcase as we demonstrate how EdCast LXP is powering L&D transformation with Data Driven, Mobile-First, AI enabled & Personalised Learning - In the flow of work. 

David Maddison

Director AU & NZ, EdCast

2:20 pm

Tech Talk 11: The Secret Sauce

Enabling tomorrow’s success in today’s constantly evolving environment requires a flexible approach; an innovative take on current HR and business management systems to break free from the competition. Businesses have one choice: Adapt or fail. This tech talk will explore the technology changes that are required to establish a sustainable competitive advantage for your business. How? By making the most of your workforce. Now is the time to raise your expectations of your systems; expect automation to streamline your processes, flexibility to match the unique requirements of your business, and mathematical optimisation to minimise wasted resources and maximise performance. 
Donald Hastie

Founder and CEO, BlueSky Creations

2:40 pm
3:00 pm

Tech Talk 12: Change management strategy for HR transformations

Digital transformation has played a vital role in all HR organisations to combat the unforeseen challenges of the past year. In this session, learn how to successfully incorporate this digital shift in your organisation, keeping your teams front and center.

  • The changing HR technology landscape and its impact on organisations and employees
  • Anticipate change resistance and set clear goals through the ADKAR framework
  • Take your employees along in your HR transformation journey through a Digital Adoption Platform

Sripathi Chakkravarthi

Regional Director for APAC, Whatfix

3:25 pm

Tech Talk 13: The Future of Work: how work and life will change in the next decade

Millions of Aussie workers took part in the great Work from Home (WFH) experiment since the pandemic started, triggering the biggest social shift in the nature of work since World War II. And while we initially saw the home office as temporary, it didn’t take long to realise we were on the cusp of a work revolution and monumental shift to hybrid working. Join Elisha Harrington, Evangelist for the Chief Innovation Office at ServiceNow as she talks on future of work, with three trends driving new ways for Australians to live and work:
  • Adapting to widespread and long-term ‘working-from-anywhere’ (WFA) and ‘working-from-home’ (WFH)
  • Building resilience and trust at a national level through technology and accessibility to information
  • Leveraging technology and tools to create a seamless digital experience at home and at work
Elisha Harrington

Chief Innovation Office, Evangelist, ServiceNow

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