Tech Talks Schedule

9:40 am

Frameworks to enhance employee career development

Organisations that have a transparent and structured approach to their employee career development have an edge over their competitors. For line managers, understanding their employees development expectations and behaviours, has never been more crucial to retaining the best talent and developing their team’s full potential.

  • How to simplify career planning for employees
  • Creating organisational and systemic synergies
  • Talent strategy integration
Claire Badger

Talent Practice Director, Synchrony Global

10:00 am

Neuroscience and hidden personalities in the workplace

What does a rapidly changing world shaped by technology, the rise of tribalism and shifting demographics mean for each of us? How do we stand out? How do we fit in? At every level of society we are constantly searching for how to be better versions of ourselves. And at the same time we still crave connection, belonging and a sense of purpose. No matter how far we have evolved our deepest human emotions still govern us, yet they are rarely understood. In this session, Katharina Kuehn will draw on her knowledge of neuroscience to discuss human behaviour in the workplace.

  • The hidden fundamentals of human decision making
  • How unique personality types impact the way we work
  • Individual and collective team behaviours and decision-making
Katharina Kuehn

Chief Strategy Officer, Winning Group

10:20 am

AI, predictive analytics and background screening

Background report or minority report. Background checks have been in use for decades and now organisations are leveraging predictive analytics to re-evaluate their candidate pools, contractors and permanent workforce. How is meta-data transforming pre-employment screening?

  • What trends in candidate behaviour predict fraud from tomorrow’s candidates?
  • Which candidates are the highest risk in your industry?
  • How can your organisation forecast misconduct and take preventative measures?
Erik Schmit

EVP & Managing Director APAC, First Advantage

10:40 am

The changing face of tech jobs: Is your company reaching its full potential?

The changing face of tech jobs: Is your company reaching its full potential?

Human Capital leaders are surrounded by talk of changing workforces and the impact automation and new technology will have on their organisation. This session will discuss:

  • How to refocus and retrain your workforce today for the changes happening now
  • How to align your workforce planning to your business strategy
  • Using technology and tools to identify, upskill talent and build your career pathway
Tom Larter

Chief Executive Officer, Australia & New Zealand, WithYouWithMe

11:00 am
11:40 am

Deconstructing the future of work – distilling the hype to create meaningful impact for your organisation

Alicia and Chris will share insights into how organisations can successfully apply the principles of Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP) to align your workforce to meet the needs of future of work, including:

  • How to determine the skills and capabilities your organisation needs for the future
  • How technology such as AI, Robotics and ML are enablers for the workforce, not replacements
  • Why planning is required to address trends like the gig economy, freelancers and network analytics
  • Why it is the social responsibility of employers to undertake SWP
Chris Hare

Co-Founder and Director, QHR

Alicia Roach

Co-Founder and Director, QHR

12:00 pm

Has automation sacrificed the candidate experience?

The candidate experience covers the entire recruitment process from before an application is submitted to onboarding, and everything in between. Poor experiences during the recruiting process can negatively impact an employer’s ability to hire talent. In this workshop, Guy and David will weigh in on what the value of automation can bring to the candidate journey without losing your personal touch or harming your employer brand.

  • Outlining the tools used to automate great candidate experiences
  • How to enhance your employer brand through automation
  • Showcasing client strategies: Fitness First and Lendlease
Guy Bryant-Fenn

Managing Director, PeopleScout APAC

David Parker

Head of Technology, PeopleScout APAC

12:20 pm

Duty of care – How to save time, money and keep your employees satisfied

In today’s volatile world, duty of care must remain front of mind for all organisations regardless of size, industry or location. This session will discuss:

  • How to become traveller focused through technology, without hurting your bottom line
  • How to use data to assist in making strategic business travel decisions
  • Why having a strong Travel culture gives you a competitive advantage in the market
Ian Allsop

Partnerships Director, International SOS

Teresa Matheson

APAC Managing Director, Egencia, Expedia group

12:40 pm

Digitisation of HR and employee engagement

  • Digital tools that improve daily work activities
  • Delivering tailored solutions with the use of Virtual Reality
  • How we harness the power of data to gain insight into behaviours of our employees
Marcelle McGrath

Head of People and Advancement, Claim Central Consolidated

1:00 pm
2:10 pm

Cyber Security Hub: a fully integrated approach to cyber security

With an increase of cyberattacks and new regulations in place, cyber security is now a business risk which needs to be addressed by the entire organisation. As the custodian of the culture of an organisation, HR Departments play a crucial a role in this battle. This session, Christophe will share how Optus and Macquarie University have partnered together to tackle real-world challenges in cyber security. In particular, he will provide guidance to build a strong cyber security culture in order to address:

  • Risks of a data breach
  • Increased risks stemming from the introduction of new technologies
  • Privacy risks
Christophe Doche

Executive Director, Optus Macquarie University Cyber Security Hub

2:30 pm

Changing the game in employment screening

  • How Australia Post has become one of Australia’s most experienced providers of complex identity screening and now employment screening services;
  • How we’re changing the game to make the employment screening process more streamlined and better than ever before for candidates and employers;
  • What our technology means for the future of employment screening and digital identity.
Robert Petrovic

Senior Product Manager – Growth Markets Identity Services, Australia Post

2:50 pm

How to design a future-proof learning strategy

The faster technology changes, the quicker your employees’ skills are out of date. In fact, the current ‘shelf life’ of a skill is now less than 5 years. So the challenge for HR leaders is this – how do you design a learning strategy for your people that won’t be redundant tomorrow?

In this value-packed workshop, we’ll show you:

  • Why you must think holistically about your learning strategy to bridge the skills divide
  • The key components of a modern skills-focused learning strategy, and the role of content
  • What a modern content experience looks like (and what to avoid!)
  • How to ‘future-proof’ your strategy so you and your people stay skilled-up and relevant
Tala Hamedi

Solution Consultant, Cornerstone

3:10 pm

How to build your very own project-based workforce

Digital transformation is changing the way organisations deliver value to their customers while also opening up new and innovative ways to find and engage talent on-demand. This practical session will cover:

  • The rise of the agile workforce and why it matters
  • Understanding how today’s agile talent can make a difference
  • The technology required to organise and managing project-based workers
Bridget Loudon

CEO & Co-Founder, Expert360

3:30 pm
4:10 pm

How to build a compelling business case for HR technology investment

Successful HR technology implementation starts with strong senior executive support. In this session, learn tips and methods of justifying HR technology investment.

  • Getting senior management on board with the idea of spending money on HR technology
  • Explaining how relevant data will enable senior leaders to make better strategic decisions
  • How to calculate the tangible value of technological investment in HR
  • Presenting a coherent and worthwhile business case to justify investment
  • Convincing senior management of the ROI and benefit of investment in HR technology
Stacy Gershberg

Director People & Culture, Choice

4:30 pm

Tech Den Pitch Competition

At the HR Tech Summit, five finalist start-ups will have three minutes to pitch and explain their solutions to a panel of judges and investors.

The winner will receive a $20k marketing campaign in HRD Magazine and HRD Online plus the opportunity to secure funding from one of the investors.

Entry was open to all individuals and new companies in Australia with HR tech solutions less than three years old.

The Tech Den will showcase companies that:

  • Automate processes for HR professionals
  • Improve efficiencies for HR
  • Helps companies to recruit and manage their people

The 5 finalists that will pitch their solutions are:

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