• Welcome and opening remarks from the chairperson 
    Jason Portelli
    Jason Portelli

    Founder & Managing Consultant
    Tech Pathfinder

  • Tech Talk 1: 3 reasons why strategic workforce planning is essential

    Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP) has become a significant talking point on the Future of Work, particularly changing the perception of employees from being costs that must be controlled, to assets that require investment to enable future strategy. There is still a great deal of cynicism amongst business leaders who still see it as HR’s problem to solve. In this session, we will investigate three of the main reasons why SWP is essential to every organisation and why they need to take it seriously. 

    • 3 critical business reasons why SWP is essential, and why they will make a difference to your organisation 
    • How HR can elevate the significance  
    • How to begin the SWP journey
    Dave Burrows
    Dave Burrows

    Strictly Workforce Planning

  • Tech Talk 2: How to identify and develop high-potential employees with HR tech

    High-potential employees are 91% more valuable to an organisation than non-high-potential employees. HR leaders need to replace verbal recommendations and gut feel with data and analytics to find future stars. This session will help you understand how to identify and develop high-potential employees using HR tech and what this means for business success.   

    • The difference between high-performance and high-potential employees   
    • Six essential steps for finding and nurturing your high-potentials and how HR technology can help  
    • Top tips on finding the right HR tech to empower your people 
    Simon Holmberg
    Simon Holmberg

    Leader, People Division

  • Tech Talk 3: How to optimise internal email communications to engage employees

    Internal Communications is a busy job. Want to start saving 4 hours a week? Learn how ContactMonkey can boost your employee communications with:

    • An easy-to-use drag-and-drop email builder
    • Engaging employee feedback tools (pulse surveys, emoji reactions, eNPS, and more!)
    • List management and in-demand HRIS/AI integrations
    • Comprehensive email analytics
    Denzel Viluan
    Denzel Viluan

    Account Executive

    Charlotte Bowen
    Charlotte Bowen

    Account Executive

  • Morning tea and refreshment break
  • Tech Talk 4: Driving culture, engagement and productivity with Bob

    HR teams are having to do more with less, while at the same time, playing a critical role in supporting business growth, attracting the best talent and building a great employee experience. Do you have the right HR tech and tools to support your company’s strategic priorities? In this session, we’ll introduce you to our HRIS, Bob, and dive into the key features of the platform that will help you:


    • Make onboarding easier (and more exciting) than ever
    • Create a culture of belonging
    • Keep global teams connected
    • Automate processes and manage all employee data/documents in one place
    • Make data-driven decisions
    Mitch McMurray
    Mitch McMurray

    Senior Account Executive

  • Tech Talk 5: Enabling informed hiring decisions with cyber talent assessments

    This session explores the importance of cyber skills assessments to enable fair evaluation of candidates’ cyber skills, reduce bias and foster diversity in the workforce. We will examine how employers can make informed hiring decisions using analytics dashboard and performance reports. 

    • Make informed cyber security staff hiring decisions 
    • De-risk cyber hiring to mitigate cyber risk 
    • Use FifthDomain’s cyber skills testing platform in your cyber recruitment journey to discover hidden potential 
    Matt Wilcox
    Matt Wilcox

    CEO and Founder

  • Tech Talk 6: Diversify your talent strategy with tech

    Access to international talent is key to establishing a workforce built upon a foundation of unique perspectives, skills sets and specialties. How can integrating emerging technologies into companies’ recruitment strategies unlock access to diverse global teams? Join us as we discuss how to:    

    • Access the talent you need to achieve global success 
    • Boost speed-to-hire to attract top talent 
    • Leverage technology to streamline the global hiring process 
    Charles Ferguson
    Charles Ferguson

    General Manager

    Anne Wilson
    Anne Wilson

    Strategic Sales Executive

  • Tech Talk 7: Navigating HR tech: risks, tips and success

    The session will delve into the comprehensive landscape of HR tech, covering its end-to-end lifecycle from selection and seamless implementation to ongoing management. By highlighting potential risks and offering valuable tips, participants will gain a nuanced understanding of the rewards that a well-governed technology integration can bring to the realm of HR.

    • Strategic considerations for selecting appropriate HR tech solutions
    • Best practices and potential risks during the implementation phase
    • Efficient management techniques to optimise HR tech’s potential
    • Exploring the array of rewards, from enhanced efficiency and improved processes to data-integrity
    George Akle
    George Akle


  • Networking lunch
  • Tech Talk 8: Real-time and event-driven payroll

    We’re moving away from the batch-driven systems of old. With Affinity’s real-time and event-driven technology, you have instant access to a continuous stream of highly detailed and costed payroll data available 24/7 – that’s the future of payroll.

    • The benefits of real-time and event-driven payroll technology
    • How to improve EX with on-demand pay
    • How to increase payroll accuracy, compliance and efficiency
    Joel Smith
    Joel Smith

    Chief Revenue Officer

  • Tech Talk 9: How to make informed talent decisions with real-time insights

    LinkedIn Talent Insights is a talent intelligence platform that empowers talent professionals to make smart workforce and hiring decisions with access to over 12 billion data points and real-time insights from the world’s largest professional network. Am I making smart workforce investments? How can I hire more effectively? This session will answer your challenging talent questions by exploring:


    • Key LinkedIn Talent Insights features
    • How talent professional can make data-driven organisational decisions by understanding their workforce’s skills growth and skills gaps, talent flows and trends, and opportunities for internal mobility
    • How you can come to your next hiring leader brief armed with a true understanding of the external market and opportunities for talent
    Ben Dixon
    Ben Dixon

    Principal Talent Insights Consultant

  • Tech Talk 10: How to leverage your tech for operational HR outcomes

    In this session, we will discuss how a pragmatic implementation and ongoing use of technology can ensure ROI, maximise use of yours and your team’s talent, and lead to greater employee engagement in people processes. No tech is perfect, so learning ways to use it creatively to deliver your required outcomes moves it from being a system to a valuable tool.  


    • The system question – choosing best fit for your organisation: ELMO & EH v others 
    • The capacity and capability question – when to make the decision to get help and in what form  
    • The process question – interrogating current methods to help build the system  
    • The system engagement question – how to manage the implementation, roll-out and ongoing touch-points to maximise engagement and uptake.  
    Martha Travis
    Martha Travis

    CEO & Founder
    Martha Travis People Innovators

  • Tech Talk 11: 3 steps to lead effective hybrid teams

    Hybrid work presents both benefits for focused efforts and challenges for collaboration. This session will delve into Birthe’s proprietary teaming framework. Drawing from a compelling case study conducted in collaboration with EY, she will demonstrate how leveraging technology and using human-centered design can cultivate an employee experience that fosters heightened Psychological Safety. Join us to discover practical strategies for nurturing effective teamwork and unlocking untapped potential.   

    • What are the elements of a high performing team?  
    • How to leverage neuroscience to re-think new forms of connection  
    • Practical strategies to nurture psychological safety in hybrid teams 
    Birthe Nohrden
    Birthe Nohrden

    CEO & Founder

  • Tech Talk 12: How to successfully implement HCM systems

    Achieving HCM project success can be a challenge, with so many projects that run over time and fail to realise project outcomes stated in the business case. How do we stem this tide and make HCM projects successful? This session will discuss seven key activities to consider on your HCM project.  

    • Strategies for HCM project success  
    • Strategies for corporate HCM system adoption 
    • Strategies for setting up your project for intelligent analytics 
    Alex Gelman
    Alex Gelman

    Strategy Assist

    Leah Louey
    Leah Louey

    Senior Change Manager
    Strategy Assist

  • Afternoon tea and refreshment break
  • End of tech talks
  • Tech Talks All Star Grand Prize Draw

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  • Tech Den Pitch Competition

    At the HR Tech Summit, five finalist start-ups will have three minutes to pitch and explain their solutions to a panel of judges and investors.  

    The winner will receive an exclusive opportunity to position their company as a thought-leader in an interactive digital content editorial feature valued at $8,000. 


    The Tech Den will showcase companies that:  


    • Automate processes for HR professionals 
    • Improve efficiencies for HR  
    • Helps companies to recruit and manage their people 


    Congratulations to the five finalists – one winner will be selected at the HR Tech Summit:


    • Equidi
    • Cadrelo
    • MeldMinds
    • MentorKey
    • Third Place


  • Event concludes